Sutton Hoo purse cake


So, the Art Fund are holding a competition called ‘Edible Masterpieces’ and I couldn’t resist the chance to join in. I can’t see me winning, but since it’s being judged by Jonathan Jones I plan to take this as the best possible compliment. A somewhat more ambitious plan than this was abandoned when it became clear the entry for this competition coincided with a number of deadlines, but this still wasted a good few hours of my time.

Here’s what it’s meant to look like:


Mmmmmm. Tasty. The base of mine is chocolate cake, coated in chocolate fondant, and the lid itself it gingerbread, decorated with hand-painted fondant and royal icing. And the somewhat lazy coins are hand-painted fondant. But by hand-painted I mainly mean that I sort of half-heartedly splashed them with some gold paint because by then my back, hand and eyes were hurting, and Lewis was on. Even I have my limits.


Next week – a cake made of all the awesome things Jonathan Jones doesn’t like.


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